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t of children's suffering and delivering urgently needed humanitarian assistance.The most vulnera▓ble among Syria's children are the ▓2.8 million in hard-to-reach areas, including 280,000 children living under siege, almost completely cut off from humanitarian aid."Beyond the bombs, bullets and explosi▓ons, children are dying in silence often from diseases that can otherwise be easily prevented. Access to medical care, lifesaving sup▓plies and other basic services remains difficult," said the press re

lease.UNICEF also warned that coping mechanisms are eroding both within Syria and across its borders -- fam▓ilies are taking extreme measures just to survive, often pushing children into early marriage and child labour.After six years of war, nearly s▓ix million children now depend on hum▓anitarian assistance, a twelve-fold increase from 2012. Millions of children have been displaced, some up to seven times.According to estimates, over 2.3 million childre▓n are now livi

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